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We have one goal at Blue Collar Roasting: Provide the freshest, most flavorful cup of coffee you’ve ever had. We pride ourselves on every aspect of our roasting operation, from the small batches to our Direct Trade relationships with Guatemalan farmers. We are lucky to have a purchasing relationship with one of the most exclusive distributors in the world, Onyx Coffee. We believe that Guatemalan coffee beans, specifically from the Huehuetenango and Palencia regions,  provide the best overall flavor profile for every day consumption. We don’t mess around with dozens of blends and roast profiles. We keep it simple and roast really great coffee. Our entire operation is based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, providing jobs and supporting our local community. All of our coffee is organically grown and processed, so you can rest assured that you are enjoying a wholesome, healthy product. And lastly, our freshness guarantee is second to none. You will never see a bag of our coffee for sale that is more than one month old. We believe in quality and freshness, and that’s what sets us apart.

You can try our coffees at any or our Jackson Hole restaurant locations or buy by the pound at Merry Piglets or Sidewinders.